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How to use a simple step-down controller whose VIN max is less than the input voltage of the system

[Guide]You can use the P-channel non-synchronous step-down controller in applications where the system input voltage is higher than the device’s maximum input voltage rating. The advantage of this application lies… Read more »

Rumors that Lixun Precision will build a factory in Kunshan, iPhone production is expected to double to 15 million units

On December 23, according to media reports, Luxshare Precision is preparing to build a large-scale Apple iPhone assembly plant and is expected to achieve the goal of assembling one million… Read more »

Design of underwater pressure signal acquisition system by using MSP430 single-chip microcomputer and SD card memory

“The measurement of underwater pressure signals has important military significance. The traditional signal acquisition is mainly to tow the cable on the ship and transmit the signal to the PC…. Read more »

Using DeviceNet Fieldbus and PLC to Solve the Problems of Elevator Operation Reliability and Safety

“Intelligent building is an inevitable product of the information age, and the degree of building intelligence is gradually improving with the development of science and technology. The 4C technology (ie… Read more »