MediaTek and Intel collaborate on next-generation 5G personal computer solutions

Beijing, November 25, 2019—MediaTek announced today that it has partnered with Intel to introduce its latest 5G modem to the personal computer market. Based on the cooperation between the two parties, MediaTek and Intel will deploy 5G solutions in key consumer and commercial notebook computer markets. International notebook computer manufacturers Dell and Hewlett-Packard are expected to become the first wave of OEM manufacturers to adopt this 5G solution, and the first batch of terminal products are expected to be launched in early 2021.

Chen Guanzhou, General Manager of MediaTek, said: “MediaTek and Intel jointly developed 5G modems for personal computers will become an important part of promoting the popularization of 5G, and its applications will span homes and mobile platforms. 5G will open a new era of personal data computing. The cooperation with Intel, a leading manufacturer in the industry, highlights MediaTek’s ability to empower 5G technology in the global market. Thanks to the cooperation between the two parties, consumers will be able to browse the web, enjoy streaming media and play games faster on their personal computers , MediaTek will achieve more innovation beyond imagination through 5G.”

MediaTek’s newly launched 5G personal computer modem is based on the previously released 5G modem Helio M70, which is a key part of MediaTek’s first wave of 5G flagship smartphone system-on-chips.

Gregory Bryant, executive vice president and general manager of the Client Computing Division of Intel, said: “5G is expected to open a new level of computing and network connectivity, and will change the way we interact with the world. The collaboration between Intel and MediaTek combines system integration with profound technologies. And network-connected engineering experts, work together to bring the 5G experience to the next generation of the world’s best personal computers.”

The cooperation with Intel once again verified MediaTek’s industry leadership in promoting 5G generalization in the consumer electronics fields such as mobile, home and automotive. MediaTek has long been committed to the research and development of 5G technology, actively participated in the international organization of 5G standard formulation, and worked with industry-leading partners to create a 5G industry ecosystem.

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