Microsoft announced the big news: Free for Android/Apple users!

For Microsoft, although they abandoned Windows Phone, they are still doing other things on the mobile side.

Now, Microsoft has announced a big news that later this year it will launch Defender antivirus software for mobile phones and other devices running Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS mobile operating systems, and users of these devices will use it for free.

Microsoft’s move is also the latest effort to sell products to consumers who use other companies’ mobile products. In recent years, Microsoft has introduced Office to Android and iOS platforms, acquired the popular mobile keyboard application SwiftKey, and launched a new mobile game based on the “Minecraft” game acquired in 2014. Last year, Microsoft also launched its own dual-screen Android phone.

Microsoft vice president Rob Lefferts said in an interview: “They are pretty safe, but pretty safe is not the same as security. Malware does appear on these platforms.” Lefferts also said that it is more important However, mobile devices may expose people to phishing attacks. In short, Defender can help people avoid such attacks.

According to Microsoft executive Andrew Conway (Andrew Conway), the global security market is as high as 80 billion U.S. dollars. Microsoft launched its own antivirus software Windows Defender in 2006, which was renamed “Microsoft Defender” last year.

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